domingo, 28 de junio de 2015


In my first day in Spokane, I went to the hoopfest, a 3-on-3-basketball competition in the town center. It was interesting to see the amount of people that were participating and also all the families encouraging their teams. We spent all our day watching the matches under a terrible sun, because the temperature was over 100°F. It was really hot!!! We also went around to food stands and bought some sandwiches to eat and an ice cream. When all the matches finished we went to Sandra's friends swimming pool, where we spent all the afternoon talking, playing and swimming. It was fun. They explained to me how to play the colors game, it's really easy. A person is out of the water with the eyes closed and he has to say colors aloud, the rest of the people are in the pool and they have a color in mind. If the person outside says your color you have to swim to the opposite side is the pool avoiding being caught.
As we were a little bit hungry we cooked some macaroni and cheese and we ate them all together, then we went for a walk around the neighborhood, as it was less hot than in the morning.
Finally we had dinner and we went to sleep.

A thing that catches my eyes is that Americans do everything in the car. For example they return back the books without going out of the car, they also take the money out for the ATM inside the car. That’s so rare.


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