domingo, 26 de julio de 2015


Yesterday I got up as a normal day. While I had breakfast, I watched the news
and the weather to the week. They said that yesterday it would be raining. Despite that, Diane and I decided to go to watch a parade that was going on the town center. In order not to have to park the car we ride our bikes. As it is said, “you would never go to bed without learning something new”, today I had learned that you aren’t suppose to be able to touch the floor when you ride your bike moreover your leg should be completely straight when the pedal is in the lowest position. The bike I used was a little bit high for me nevertheless I enjoyed the ride. When we arrived down town, it was too late to see the parade due to we had left home too late but instead of coming back home, we decided to take a look of the stands that were there. Therefore we could say we took advantage of the ride. The way back was harder because of the hills we had to go up that time. At the time we arrived it was lunchtime so we ate and then while the rest of them were taking a nap I continued reading the book that I had started yesterday. As a result of having read that book before in Spanish it was easier for me to understand therefore I finished it. I think it’s my record finishing an English book in two days maybe it’s because I had already known the story or because I’m getting used to the English whatever it is It wasn’t as hard to finish it as I expected. Before having dinner we went to the supermarket especially because we had to buy the ingredients for that day’s dinner, on the other hand Chema needed and alarm clock so he could buy it too. After having dinner we stay at home doing a puzzle that we had bought in Yellowstone and watching another movie that was filmed in Spokane. That one is my favorite. One of the actors was Johnny Depp and as in all the films he acts, he had the role of very special man. When it finished it was already time to go to bed.

sábado, 25 de julio de 2015


 Yesterday I got up and I had breakfast at home, so we went back to the
normality. I spent most of the morning writing my blog, as I had to write a lot because while we were travelling I didn’t write anything. When I finished Sandra corrected it for me to be able to post it. When we finished all it was already lunchtime so we cooked a hamburger and we ate it. In the afternoon we decided to walk in order to the library to pick up some books and films furthermore we also took the dog with us so he could walk. When we came back, dinner was already ready therefore we sat down in the table and enjoyed the meal, as Sandra was working we were only Diane, Chema and I and due to that after we had finished eating the Salmon we went to play golf despite the wind. As Diane was starting again to play golf after her injury and in order to practice we decided to go to the practice court before going to play the 8 holes. As a result of playing three instead of two people, we couldn’t finish the 8, we could only do 6. Moreover there was a couple’s tournament so we had to let them pass us as they had preference consequently; we lost a lot of sun light time. Afterwards, when we hadn’t enough light to continue playing we came back home. I actually really enjoyed the afternoon, although we couldn’t finish playing. When we arrived home, Sandra was already there so we watch a TV show and after that I started to read the book that I had picked up from the library that morning until it was bedtime. 

viernes, 24 de julio de 2015


Yesterday we drove back home, after spending two days in Yellowstone. We got up early in the morning to take breakfast because the hotel closed the kitchen at nine. Then we walk around the town before starting our trip back, but as it was raining we decided to leave. That time we stopped less than the way to go because we had already stopped the first time. We stopped again in Missoula to have lunch because it is a town that is in the middle of the way. We continued our trip and we stopped in a 50000 silver coin shop because Sandra wanted to buy a dream catcher. The shop is called like that because they have in its walls 50000 silver coins. We also stopped in a rest area that has a gift shop, before leaving Montana so I could buy something if I wanted. Then we continued on our route only changed it a little bit to pass trough a typical west town like the ones you see in the movies. When we arrived home we were very tired. I had a shower and I also unpacked my suitcase, after that I had dinner and Diane prepared milkshakes that we drank on the porch of the house enjoying the warm night. After all we want to sleep, this time in our normal bed.

jueves, 23 de julio de 2015


Yesterday we finished the visit to Yellowstone, that time we saw the falls, the canyon and all the wildlife. That day there was a very log line to go inside the Natural Park so we arrived more or less at the same hour as the day before. That time we decided to have our picnic near the Yellowstone Lake, but as it was windy and a little bit cold we didn’t swim. After having lunch we continued on our way, and we stopped in the Lake Yellowstone Hotel to have a coffee, while we were driving we saw a lot of buffalo some of them were crossing the road as if no one were there, taking all the time they need and in consequence they produced a lot of jam furthermore we saw a grizzly bear that time closer than the day before. We thought that it was the same one that we saw because it was in the same place. The first thing we visited was the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and it was breathtaking, I really loved it. I don’t know how big the Colorado canyon is, as I have never been in person but if this one was really beautiful and impressive I can’t imagine how the other one would be. The next thing we saw was the Upper and Lower Falls, the last one is two times taller than the Niagara ones so imagine how big it was. Another thing that I rally liked was that as the water falls it produces a rainbow and it was really beautiful scenery. Before going to Mammoth city we took dinner in the canyon city. In Mammoth we could see the main Terrace it was very beautiful but sad at the same time because it is dying as the volcanic activity is stopped, Sandra said that the first time she went to visit this there were lots of color and now there was only red and white in different tones. Even if it wasn’t as impressive as the first time that Sandra saw it, I really liked it, because it was really beautiful. Near these we saw a lot of deer and an elk and we took photos of them. On our way to arrive to Mammoth we saw incredible forms of rocks in the Petrified Forest. Finally to say goodbye to the park we took a photo in the main north entrance, with the Roosevelt Arch. Immediately after that we drove to the hotel where we would sleep that night and when we arrived we went to bed, as we were tired after that long day.

miércoles, 22 de julio de 2015


 Yesterday we visited Yellowstone. In the morning we had an hour jam because of some work on the road, so when we arrived it was almost lunchtime.  After seeing some geysers, pools and calderas in the West Thumb Geyser Basin, we did a picnic for lunch. We decided to do the south half of the park the first day and then the second day the north one, so we spent all the day seeing volcanic lakes, calderas and Geysers all very impressive. We saw the explosion of a geyser the Old Faithful and we visited the Old Faithful Inn, the old lodge of the hotel that was built in wood with a very beautiful structure in the inside and a very big clock, I really loved it because I had never seen anything like that before.  Then we drove to see some pools like the morning glory or the Sapphire one but obviously the one that I liked the most was the most famous one, the Grand Prismatic Spring. I loved all his amazing colors because of all the bacteria that live in it with those high temperatures and the sulfur gases that the geysers kick out. After visiting more or less all the volcanic area, Sandra and I decided to swim in the Yellowstone River. It was amazing. The water was warm and we enjoyed a lot. I think it would be the most beautiful place I would ever swim in. The current was really strong so it was so hard for us to swim; the depth was also very different in each place of the pool because of the rock so we had to take care even if there were people jumping for high rocks. After all we had lunch and we came back to the cabin. On the way back we found wildlife like buffalos and grizzly bears but they were really far away and dark to take them a good picture. The way back seemed to be really long because we had driven a lot of it during the day and we had to do the same route, but on the way back with out stopping and in the dark. When we arrived to the cabin we sat a little bit on the porch to enjoy the views and we went to bed.

martes, 21 de julio de 2015


Yesterday we had another day in the car; our first stop was to see a Ski resort, obviously there wasn’t any snow but in this moment it is a mountain bike resort, where you can go with bikes or to hike. There was also a pool and a climbing wall. We also saw a stage because there had been a musical festival. After that stop, we continued our trip however we decide to stop again to have lunch because we were hungry. We ate in an Italian restaurant and when we finished we went back to the car to finish the trip. We only stopped to see and take pictures of the gorgeous views, the first time of a spectacular valley and the second one, when we arrived to the Grand Teton National Park. The mountains were breathtaking and enormous. There is a ski resort there for professional skiers with a lot of black diamonds slopes and it is also very expensive. I would like some day to be able to ski there. It would be fantastic. All the luggage was in the car consequently we decided to go to the cabin instead of stopping in Jackson Hole. The cabin was perfect, with views of the lake and a little bit rustic. We all loved it. After unloading the car we decided to go to Jackson so I could visit it and to buy some food for the breakfast and lunch. We decided also to buy some hot chocolate and popcorn to make them in the microwave of the lodge, as our cabin didn’t have one, and to eat in the cabin sitting in the porch enjoying the views. When we came back it was later than we expected so it was already dark, but despite it we sat down in the porch and looked at the stars. It was beautiful all dark, with a lot of starts in the sky and reflected in the water of the lake and the mountains in the back that seemed to be shadows not real mountains. When we finished our chocolate we went to bed because the next day we had to get up early in the morning if we wanted to see some wildlife on the way to Yellowstone.

lunes, 20 de julio de 2015


Yesterday we spent all the day in the car, travelling to Idaho Falls, our first stop
before arriving to Yellowstone. We left Spokane at 10 in the morning after we had prepared ALL the food we needed for the long trip in the car and fit all the suitcase in the car. We had to pass as well, trough the ATM to take cash for the trip. In order to practice, Sandra decided to drive the first part of the trip. There aren’t many things to tell about what we did during the three hours and a half that took us to arrive to Missoula (Montana) where we stopped to have lunch. Instead of having lunch we could say that we had an early dinner due to the fact that in Montana is an hour ahead of Spokane, it was 4 in the afternoon. In spite of that we ate some hamburgers and we saw that there was a festival in the town to promote the use of bikes in the place of cars, there were some games such as polo but using bikes instead of horses. There were also some free Yoga classes… When we arrived it was finishing so we didn’t see many things. After having finished our meal we continued our trip, because we had four hours to arrive to Idaho Falls. We listened to music, we talked, we made some bracelets and I read a book until we arrived. We didn’t stop unless we needed to use the restrooms. When we finally arrived to the hotel where we would pass the night it was eleven but as we were hungry we went to buy some food, after that we went to bed tired after a log day travelling despite not having done anything.

We also stopped to see the eldest church in Whasington, the one from one of the Spanish or French missions. 

domingo, 19 de julio de 2015


Yesterday I spent most of the morning preparing my suitcase because we are going to travel to Yellowstone on Sunday and we will stay there for 2 days. As it is really far from Spokane, the first day we will stay in Idaho Falls before arriving to Yellowstone National Park. Although we travel only for five days, I packed much more clothes due to the fact that we don’t know what the weather will be. I brought some shorts, but I also picked up some sweaters, pants and my raincoat in case there was a storm.  After having lunch Sandra and I watched a TV show, but then Chema said to Sandra than she had to tidy up her bedroom before we leaved so I decided to help her. Her bedroom was a complete mess so it took us all the afternoon to clean it up. We finished in time to have dinner and after these we went to the Idaho casino to watch a cultural presentation about the Indians’ life. In order to let everyone know more about them they showed us some typical dances but I didn’t like them due to the mistakes they made because they didn’t know all the movements of the dance. I was a little bit bored after watching the presentation, not because it wasn’t interesting, it could be, but because I’m not interested in traditional dances at all, even if they are “los Charros”. We accidently stole some cake. It was for people with birthdays in July, but we didn’t know, and we saw it was free and took some. We had 45 minutes driving to arrive to Spokane so we decided to leave immediately when they finished their last dance. Instead of going straight to home, we passed through a shop to buy an ice cream that we ate in the car. To conclude this day we went to bed.

sábado, 18 de julio de 2015


Yesterday I didn’t need to get up early in the morning because I didn’t have to work, so I had breakfast quietly and then I tidied my room and did the washing up. I also decided to write a little bit of the blog and looked up some connectors on the Internet to learn them to improve my writing. When it was time to have lunch, we prepared the lunch for Samuel and we brought it to him, because he had to work in the pool until 9 pm. Furthermore we decided to go to the grocery store to buy some steak, corn and peppers for the dinner and after all that we went back home to have dinner. When Sandra arrived home after her job, we drove to Cheney, to see the college where Chema teaches. It was really huge and modern; they had computers and digital boards in most of the classes. He showed me the gym and they have an ice rink and a rock climbing wall, I loved it.  We walked around the campus as well and we visited the library but it was the thing that less impressed me because I had seen before larger libraries. When we had seen almost everything we went to the Indian Casino to look around before going back to have dinner. While we were inside Chema walked the dog as we had brought him with us because he had to have his nails cut and we had to buy him a new harness because his previous one was broken. That day we ate the steak and as a dessert brownie with vanilla ice cream. Instead going to bed we decided to complete the puzzle due to the fact that on Sunday we will travel to Yellowstone and we had to finish it before we leave. While we were finishing with the puzzle we were also watching a movie that was recorded in Spokane, and Diane told me where are the places that appeared in each scene. We watched two movies the first one was about wrestling and the second one about autistic people.