viernes, 3 de julio de 2015


Yesterday Sandra had an orthodontic appointment, so I decided to go with her to see how different are dentist in USA from the ones in Spain. The conclusion is that they are very similar; the only difference is that they have computers with all the information instead of papers. When we finished we went to the neighbors’ house to play with their little children, we spent almost all the morning there and they invited us to drink a smoothie. After lunchtime we went to Haylee’s house and we had a walk all together. When we came back home, we went to the pool and we stayed there until dinnertime. For dinner we ate pasta with salmon, and it was delicious. At 7 we went to see a basketball game in Sandra’s high school and after that we saw the end of a baseball game, that I had to say that is so weird. Sandra’s high school is huge, I can’t see all of it but they have two gyms, a weight room, a conditioning room, football, baseball, soccer, tennis courts… There are 400 hundred of children at the same school grade that Sandra is in, and over 1,000 students total. That is very impressive. I thought that my high school was big, and we only have a hundred of students in the same level.  When we arrived home we watched a film and we went to bed.

Did you know, that they only have to take PE classes during one year and a half, and they can do it at home? If they are part of a school sport they only have to do some exercises on the computer and if they don’t participate in any sports team they have to do sport with a cardio bracelet, that takes your hearts pulse. Isn’t it funny?  


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