domingo, 19 de julio de 2015


Yesterday I spent most of the morning preparing my suitcase because we are going to travel to Yellowstone on Sunday and we will stay there for 2 days. As it is really far from Spokane, the first day we will stay in Idaho Falls before arriving to Yellowstone National Park. Although we travel only for five days, I packed much more clothes due to the fact that we don’t know what the weather will be. I brought some shorts, but I also picked up some sweaters, pants and my raincoat in case there was a storm.  After having lunch Sandra and I watched a TV show, but then Chema said to Sandra than she had to tidy up her bedroom before we leaved so I decided to help her. Her bedroom was a complete mess so it took us all the afternoon to clean it up. We finished in time to have dinner and after these we went to the Idaho casino to watch a cultural presentation about the Indians’ life. In order to let everyone know more about them they showed us some typical dances but I didn’t like them due to the mistakes they made because they didn’t know all the movements of the dance. I was a little bit bored after watching the presentation, not because it wasn’t interesting, it could be, but because I’m not interested in traditional dances at all, even if they are “los Charros”. We accidently stole some cake. It was for people with birthdays in July, but we didn’t know, and we saw it was free and took some. We had 45 minutes driving to arrive to Spokane so we decided to leave immediately when they finished their last dance. Instead of going straight to home, we passed through a shop to buy an ice cream that we ate in the car. To conclude this day we went to bed.

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