sábado, 4 de julio de 2015


Yesterday when we got up we decided to go shopping because we had $20 to spend, so we went to the shop and we bought some jewelry (some rings and earing) then we came back home to have lunch, because it was late. We went to eat pizza, to a restaurant, with the neighbor. When we finish our meal it was 3 o’clock so we just had time to go to a second hand shop (thrift store) and buy some shoes to wear that afternoon in the kayak. We tried some shoes and we bought the prettiest ones. They cost 94 cents, and they were pink sandals, like the ones that Barbie wore.  I LOVE THEM. When we had everything we needed, we took a quick nap to be ready to do some exercise. At 6, we drove to the place where we had to take our kayaks. We spent two hours, enjoying a beautiful landscape, in the natural park of Spokane. It was really breathtaking. It wasn’t as tiring as the “descenso del Sella” was, so I really liked it. When we finished the tour, we came back to the city to eat some fro-yo (frozen yogurt), an ice cream. In the shop where you can buy them, you have to serve yourself and then you pay for the ice cream. The price depends on the weight of your cup. When we finished eating them, we went to sleep after a very long day.


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