viernes, 17 de julio de 2015


Yesterday it was the last day in the Crime Scene Camp, and the most important one because the children would discover who is the murder. As we hadn’t finished the chromatography the previous day, we finished it and we asked them to write a document with their conclusions. But it wasn’t as easy as it seems to be because they had to explain to who each evidence belonged, and if they chose one of the suspect as the murder why they discarded the other ones. The guilty was Bo but only three groups of nine discovered the correct answer the rest of them said that it was Erin his brother. After we congratulated the winning teams it was time to have lunch, and we had to prepare the expositions of the activities the children had made during this two weeks to show it to their parents that would come as it was the last day of the camp. We also gave them some diplomas and we will send them some badges that we had printed in a 3D printer with their detective names. I realized that it would be interesting to have a document that certified that I had been volunteering two weeks in that camp, to put it in my CV, so I asked the headmaster if she could give one to me, and she said that they will give me a letter the next week when I’ll go to the robotics camp. After this long and busy morning I came back home to have lunch. That afternoon everybody had a lot of things to do, Sandra had soccer practice, Chema and Diane had a memorial funeral of a friend so I stayed at home with Samuel watching a movie, reading a book and completing the puzzle, then when they came back we had dinner and we watched to the news, because it had been another fire here where a little girl had died. After all we went to bed.

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