miércoles, 15 de julio de 2015


Yesterday was a really funny day in the camp, because the children had to collect all the evidence from the crime scene that we had prepared the day before. Everybody was very excited, because they had been studying al the different techniques to put them into action now. If you looked at them, they acted like real forensics, taking notes and pictures, walking carefully trough the crime scene to not contaminate it. While one of the teams was recording evidences to solve the crime, the rest of the children had to wait for their turn, they looked in the microscope at some plants and hairs. We also played a game that is called deception, in which you have four people, one of them lies and the rest answer the true to some questions that we asked them to figured out who is the liar. That game gave us the opportunity to explain them, which are the signals to discover if the suspect isn’t telling the truth. At the end of the morning everyone had all the information about the crime that they need and it was time to come back home. Chema picked me up and when we arrived I had lunch and then we decided to do a puzzle. We spent all afternoon until lunch completing it; we didn’t finish because it is a puzzle of 1000 pieces but we did a lot of parts of it. After dinner Sandra had soccer practice and Chema and I went to play golf. I really enjoyed it, because the course was really easy as all the fairways were very straight. Nonetheless I didn’t play very well. When there wasn’t any sun left we returned home, and after taking a shower I went to bed, because I was tired.

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