martes, 21 de julio de 2015


Yesterday we had another day in the car; our first stop was to see a Ski resort, obviously there wasn’t any snow but in this moment it is a mountain bike resort, where you can go with bikes or to hike. There was also a pool and a climbing wall. We also saw a stage because there had been a musical festival. After that stop, we continued our trip however we decide to stop again to have lunch because we were hungry. We ate in an Italian restaurant and when we finished we went back to the car to finish the trip. We only stopped to see and take pictures of the gorgeous views, the first time of a spectacular valley and the second one, when we arrived to the Grand Teton National Park. The mountains were breathtaking and enormous. There is a ski resort there for professional skiers with a lot of black diamonds slopes and it is also very expensive. I would like some day to be able to ski there. It would be fantastic. All the luggage was in the car consequently we decided to go to the cabin instead of stopping in Jackson Hole. The cabin was perfect, with views of the lake and a little bit rustic. We all loved it. After unloading the car we decided to go to Jackson so I could visit it and to buy some food for the breakfast and lunch. We decided also to buy some hot chocolate and popcorn to make them in the microwave of the lodge, as our cabin didn’t have one, and to eat in the cabin sitting in the porch enjoying the views. When we came back it was later than we expected so it was already dark, but despite it we sat down in the porch and looked at the stars. It was beautiful all dark, with a lot of starts in the sky and reflected in the water of the lake and the mountains in the back that seemed to be shadows not real mountains. When we finished our chocolate we went to bed because the next day we had to get up early in the morning if we wanted to see some wildlife on the way to Yellowstone.

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