viernes, 10 de julio de 2015


Yesterday, was the last day I had to work this week and we had to stay in the school until 2:30 to prepare the activity that we will do next week. During the morning we had a speech from a real forensic who explained us what her job is about. She also showed us all the materials that they use and she denied some of the thing that we watch in the TV shows are real. After she answered all our questions, she left us and we continued with the activity that we had planned for that day. It was chromatography. The teacher explained the technique and told us that we would do it in three different solvents, water, alcohol, and polish remover. We started with the water one, but we hadn’t enough time to do the two remaining, so we decided to leave it for the next week. When all the children were gone, we started to prepare next week’s activity. As it was a 2-week camp, they divided it in two parts. The first week children would be “probies” that had to learn all the techniques that forensics and the police use to solve crimes. They learned how to study fingerprints, shoe patterns, chromatography, teeth marks, blood splatters, and handwriting patterns. After learning all this things, they should put all this things into action, for this we had to create a crime scene. After one hour and a half, we hadn’t completed anything because it was really difficult to figure everything out; we selected our suspect people and the dead one, and then I went home because it was late. When I arrived home I was exhausted because of the very log day, so I decided to relax reading for a while. After having dinner Sandra arrived from her soccer practice and we decided to go to watch a film at a friend’s house. Finally we came back home and we decided what we will do in Seattle this weekend.


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