miércoles, 1 de julio de 2015


Yesterday it was a calm day, I got up and had breakfast, then we spent almost all morning looking up some activities to do, and I finally found what I’m going to do this month. I’m going to volunteer in a scientific camp. The first two weeks in a biomedical camp, where you look for information to solve a crime, and the last week in a robotic camp. I will go only to help, not to participate. During the camp I will help with the children, I will be able to listen to the explanations, and learn new things. That will be exciting. We also looked for doing some kayaking all together during the 3rd of July.  When we finished our research, I went to walk the neighbors’ dog while Diane did her exercises. When we both finish we had lunch, a quesadilla and a chicken salad. In the afternoon I watched the film Iron man 3, and the soccer match between USA and German, in which USA won 2-0!!!
Finally, Sandra came from work so we went to swim in the neighbors’ pool because they let us use it; in exchange we take care of their cat and their chickens while they are away.  At seven we had to go to a graduation party in the neighborhood, and there we ate and we talked… a lot. When the party finished we came back to the pool because it was hot. When we came back home we had dinner and we went to bed.


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