martes, 30 de junio de 2015


Yesterday it wasn’t as hot as days before because it was raining a little bit, but even then it was hot. Yesterday morning I stayed at home watching TV, reading and writing my blog, all these things in English obviously. Then when Diane came from her doctor appointment, I helped her to do the marinade for the meat that we would eat for dinner. After that we realized that we haven’t enough meat because we were 11 people to have dinner, so we decided to go to the supermarket. On our way we decided to stop in a bike shop to have Sandra’s bike repaired, and then we went to buy some ingredients that we needed for dinner. We cooked Mexican food so we bought tortillas, nachos, meat and beans…When we arrived home it was time to have lunch so we ate some pizza and a fruit salad, then as dessert vanilla ice cream. In the evening it was time to have a nap and to finish cooking. I made the dessert, Magic bars, They were so sweet that I didn’t like them, but everybody else did it so that means that they weren’t bad. At six our guests came to dinner, they were the family of Sarah, the girl who is going to come with us to Spain. We spent all dinner talking and laughing. It was amazing. The Mexican food was quite good, but I still prefer the Spanish one. After Sarah’s family went back to their home, some neighbors came and we had ice cream all together. I tried a new gelato of pistachio and caramel with salt-chocolate. They were delicious.  After this intense day, I went to bed because I was tired.  


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