miércoles, 22 de julio de 2015


 Yesterday we visited Yellowstone. In the morning we had an hour jam because of some work on the road, so when we arrived it was almost lunchtime.  After seeing some geysers, pools and calderas in the West Thumb Geyser Basin, we did a picnic for lunch. We decided to do the south half of the park the first day and then the second day the north one, so we spent all the day seeing volcanic lakes, calderas and Geysers all very impressive. We saw the explosion of a geyser the Old Faithful and we visited the Old Faithful Inn, the old lodge of the hotel that was built in wood with a very beautiful structure in the inside and a very big clock, I really loved it because I had never seen anything like that before.  Then we drove to see some pools like the morning glory or the Sapphire one but obviously the one that I liked the most was the most famous one, the Grand Prismatic Spring. I loved all his amazing colors because of all the bacteria that live in it with those high temperatures and the sulfur gases that the geysers kick out. After visiting more or less all the volcanic area, Sandra and I decided to swim in the Yellowstone River. It was amazing. The water was warm and we enjoyed a lot. I think it would be the most beautiful place I would ever swim in. The current was really strong so it was so hard for us to swim; the depth was also very different in each place of the pool because of the rock so we had to take care even if there were people jumping for high rocks. After all we had lunch and we came back to the cabin. On the way back we found wildlife like buffalos and grizzly bears but they were really far away and dark to take them a good picture. The way back seemed to be really long because we had driven a lot of it during the day and we had to do the same route, but on the way back with out stopping and in the dark. When we arrived to the cabin we sat a little bit on the porch to enjoy the views and we went to bed.

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