domingo, 12 de julio de 2015


Yesterday we visited Seattle. We got up early in the morning and drove to the city. When we found a parking place, we walked on the waterfront enjoying the views of the lake and the mountains. We also saw the high wheel and some cruises that arrived and some others that were leaving. While we were walking to Pike Place Market, we passed the aquarium, but we decided not to go inside because it wasn’t very important and we had only a day to visit the entire city.  When we arrived to the market it was crowed with tourists and also people who were shopping, as it was Saturday. There is the tradition of throwing from one fishmonger to the other, the fish that the client wants to buy. We watched it twice. We also visited the first Starbucks that was built, and I took a picture of a pig that was popular. After spending some time looking into the stands, we decided to continue our tour, but before we came to the car we passed through a street that had all the walls full of gum, like the famous bridge in Paris full of locks but instead of locks, gum. I added a piece of gum to the collection. The next thing we visited was Seattle University where Samuel studies. It was a big campus, with the gardens and everything we see in the movies. After having lunch we went to the Columbia tower, and we went up to the top to have a complete view of the city, it was breathtaking. After it we went to visit the most famous monument in the city, the space needle. We decide not to go up because it was really expensive and we had already seen the city in the Columbia tower. Sandra wanted to visit a part of a city that she had never visit before so we went there as we had visit everything we wanted. Before we came back we went shopping, we looked around the shops and walked in the city until 6. Coming back, we decided to stop and buy some food and eat it during the trip back home. This time it was much shorter than the way to go to Seattle because we didn’t stop. We drove trough two different roads as that I could know the two passes across the mountains that exist to go to Seattle from Spokane. When we arrived home it was late and we were really tired so we went to bed.



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