martes, 14 de julio de 2015


Yesterday I went to work early in the morning. We finished the chromatography activity that took us almost all the morning and we built the crime scene. We painted the fingerprints into the caps, we drew the shoe pattern, we splattered some blood, we drew the outline of a body, which was mine because it was the smaller one… When we finished the crime scene and the activity with the kids was finished we decided to play memory game with them and they loved it. At this time it was lunchtime, so we stopped everything. The teachers decided to drive to Taco bell, a “Mexican” fast food restaurant to pick up her food, and then they came back to finish the camp day. We talked to the police officer of the school if he didn’t mind to talk to the children about what the police do in a crime scene, and if he could tell them what they would have to do in the crime scene that we had prepared for them. He acted really well and he pretended that everything was real, he also explain everything in a very easy way so everybody could understand him, even me. At 1:15 Diane picked me up and we passed trough the grocery store before we went home to have lunch. In the afternoon I wrote the blog and then Sarah came over to make some cookies. First she had to complete a Spanish test for see the level that she has, so Sandra decided that while she was doing that she would correct my blog. When we all finished, we went for a walk and we found a wheelchair that hadn’t an owner so we brought it home and we cleaned it, then we decided to returned it to the park in case some one would came back for it. After having dinner, we cooked the cookies and of course we ate some of them, they were delicious. It was late when we finished so when Sarah went back to her house, we went to bed.


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