domingo, 5 de julio de 2015

4th JULY!!!!

Yesterday, was 4th of July, a national festivity day, because they celebrate that they won the battle for the independence of the states and England lost the control. For them it’s the biggest party of the year so they have fireworks and parades. They usually spend the day in a lake with all the family doing a barbeque. We decided to go to Idaho, the state next to Washington. Now I can say that I’ve been in two different states of America. We spent all the morning watching the soldiers, and some dead soldiers’ families parading. Everyone can walk in the parade, so there was also some shops drove a car with their logo, or do some exhibitions to advertise their business. One thing that shocked me a lot was that everybody has a USA flag and they all waved it in their hands. I also have one now. When the parade finished we decided to have lunch, a hamburger, and then come back to Spokane because we had to prepare everything for the barbeque of that night. At six some friends came over to eat with us, and we ate ribs, sausages… And I ate corn on the cob. A “mazorca de maiz”. I didn’t like it but everybody else did, so maybe it’s me… I don’t know, you would have to try one to know. When we finished dinner, we went to see the fireworks, at the University where Diane works. They weren’t as beautiful as Salamanca’s ones but they weren’t bad. When we arrived home, we decided to go swimming. So we swam at night, it was cool, because it was still hot. After all, Sandra decided to have a sleepover, so we slept on the sofa bed together, and watched a film. When we went to sleep it was near 12, so we were very tired after this long day.


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