domingo, 26 de julio de 2015


Yesterday I got up as a normal day. While I had breakfast, I watched the news
and the weather to the week. They said that yesterday it would be raining. Despite that, Diane and I decided to go to watch a parade that was going on the town center. In order not to have to park the car we ride our bikes. As it is said, “you would never go to bed without learning something new”, today I had learned that you aren’t suppose to be able to touch the floor when you ride your bike moreover your leg should be completely straight when the pedal is in the lowest position. The bike I used was a little bit high for me nevertheless I enjoyed the ride. When we arrived down town, it was too late to see the parade due to we had left home too late but instead of coming back home, we decided to take a look of the stands that were there. Therefore we could say we took advantage of the ride. The way back was harder because of the hills we had to go up that time. At the time we arrived it was lunchtime so we ate and then while the rest of them were taking a nap I continued reading the book that I had started yesterday. As a result of having read that book before in Spanish it was easier for me to understand therefore I finished it. I think it’s my record finishing an English book in two days maybe it’s because I had already known the story or because I’m getting used to the English whatever it is It wasn’t as hard to finish it as I expected. Before having dinner we went to the supermarket especially because we had to buy the ingredients for that day’s dinner, on the other hand Chema needed and alarm clock so he could buy it too. After having dinner we stay at home doing a puzzle that we had bought in Yellowstone and watching another movie that was filmed in Spokane. That one is my favorite. One of the actors was Johnny Depp and as in all the films he acts, he had the role of very special man. When it finished it was already time to go to bed.

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