jueves, 23 de julio de 2015


Yesterday we finished the visit to Yellowstone, that time we saw the falls, the canyon and all the wildlife. That day there was a very log line to go inside the Natural Park so we arrived more or less at the same hour as the day before. That time we decided to have our picnic near the Yellowstone Lake, but as it was windy and a little bit cold we didn’t swim. After having lunch we continued on our way, and we stopped in the Lake Yellowstone Hotel to have a coffee, while we were driving we saw a lot of buffalo some of them were crossing the road as if no one were there, taking all the time they need and in consequence they produced a lot of jam furthermore we saw a grizzly bear that time closer than the day before. We thought that it was the same one that we saw because it was in the same place. The first thing we visited was the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and it was breathtaking, I really loved it. I don’t know how big the Colorado canyon is, as I have never been in person but if this one was really beautiful and impressive I can’t imagine how the other one would be. The next thing we saw was the Upper and Lower Falls, the last one is two times taller than the Niagara ones so imagine how big it was. Another thing that I rally liked was that as the water falls it produces a rainbow and it was really beautiful scenery. Before going to Mammoth city we took dinner in the canyon city. In Mammoth we could see the main Terrace it was very beautiful but sad at the same time because it is dying as the volcanic activity is stopped, Sandra said that the first time she went to visit this there were lots of color and now there was only red and white in different tones. Even if it wasn’t as impressive as the first time that Sandra saw it, I really liked it, because it was really beautiful. Near these we saw a lot of deer and an elk and we took photos of them. On our way to arrive to Mammoth we saw incredible forms of rocks in the Petrified Forest. Finally to say goodbye to the park we took a photo in the main north entrance, with the Roosevelt Arch. Immediately after that we drove to the hotel where we would sleep that night and when we arrived we went to bed, as we were tired after that long day.

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