lunes, 13 de julio de 2015


Yesterday we woke up late, because we were tired because of the trip from Seattle. We were invited to go to a cabin in the Marshall Lake, and we decided to go to spend the afternoon. After eating a Sandwich, we drove to Idaho, where the cabin was. When we arrived after driving in a terrible route, we discovered a wood house in the middle of a hill. It was beautiful but it had 150 stairs to go from the house to the lake. Can you imagine going up and down all the time? Is it a house for relaxing or for working out? It hadn’t plumming so living there for a week would be as camping but with walls. In spite of my criticisms we had a good time there. Sandra and I decided to go kayak and then we went into a paddleboat but it was weird because we couldn’t go straight, only in circles. I didn’t swim because it wasn’t very hot but the dog did, and he was really happy. We also enjoyed the afternoon. Now I have the experience of being in a cabin. When we came back we went to buy a pizza for dinner. It was a special pizza because you can make your own one. We could see all the ingredients, and choose the ones that we wanted to put into our pizza. After having dinner we hung out with a friend. We walked around the neighborhood and went into the park of the elementary school that is near our house. After that we watched 50 first dates, a sad movie, that is about a girl that lost her short memory in a car accident, and she thinks that every day is the same one, and her boyfriend has to make her fall in love with her each day. When it finished we went to bed.


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