martes, 7 de julio de 2015


Yesterday it was my first day at STEM camp, where I helped the teacher in charge of the crime scene camp. When I arrived there everything was a little bit disorganized, but as it was the first day I found it quite normal. Then when all the children were separated by groups, we played a game, to make sure that everybody introduced themselves to everybody. After this first game, we all went to the class, where we are going to make all the experiments and activities. We gave  each child a triangle, to put their name on it, not their real name, their detectives’ name. We also separated them into different teams, in which there are going to work the next two weeks. I spent most of the morning doing photocopies of some exercises, and as there are 40 children it took me a lot of time. Then we did an activity of a crime scene, where everybody had to decide which evidences they think they will be the most important, to take into account to solve the mystery crime. After all, the children have lunch, and we prepare the activity for the next day. We will do finger matches.  After that long morning, I had lunch at home. Sandra and one of her friends came for a water balloon fight and then we went to the pool and took photos under the water. After having dinner, we went to the library to take some book and films, and they showed me the town center of Spokane. I’d seen the waterfalls, the clock of the old train station, the river, the statues of the Indians, the park of the EXPO… and a lot more things. I really love the city, it isn’t as old as Salamanca, but it also has his history with the Indians, and also with Canada and England. I will tell you more things about Spokane another day.


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