lunes, 20 de julio de 2015


Yesterday we spent all the day in the car, travelling to Idaho Falls, our first stop
before arriving to Yellowstone. We left Spokane at 10 in the morning after we had prepared ALL the food we needed for the long trip in the car and fit all the suitcase in the car. We had to pass as well, trough the ATM to take cash for the trip. In order to practice, Sandra decided to drive the first part of the trip. There aren’t many things to tell about what we did during the three hours and a half that took us to arrive to Missoula (Montana) where we stopped to have lunch. Instead of having lunch we could say that we had an early dinner due to the fact that in Montana is an hour ahead of Spokane, it was 4 in the afternoon. In spite of that we ate some hamburgers and we saw that there was a festival in the town to promote the use of bikes in the place of cars, there were some games such as polo but using bikes instead of horses. There were also some free Yoga classes… When we arrived it was finishing so we didn’t see many things. After having finished our meal we continued our trip, because we had four hours to arrive to Idaho Falls. We listened to music, we talked, we made some bracelets and I read a book until we arrived. We didn’t stop unless we needed to use the restrooms. When we finally arrived to the hotel where we would pass the night it was eleven but as we were hungry we went to buy some food, after that we went to bed tired after a log day travelling despite not having done anything.

We also stopped to see the eldest church in Whasington, the one from one of the Spanish or French missions. 

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