sábado, 11 de julio de 2015


Yesterday we spent all the day travelling to Seattle. We left at 10 from Spokane, after preparing our clothes and the food that we needed for the trip, furthermore Diane had an appointment with the doctor so we had to wait until she had finished to go. Sandra decided to drive and I have to say that she drives very well even I think that if I had to drive I couldn’t as well as she did. After two hours driving we stopped to have lunch, in a place where they made the best hamburgers I ever tasted. I really enjoyed them. We continued only stopping for gas, until we arrived to a special town, decorated like German towns. We walked around, looking into the shops. We entered into a Christmas shop, it was really funny because we were at 99ºF and inside the shop there were Christmas trees and all kinds of decorations for that celebration. After we finished our tour we continued our trip. At the entrance of Seattle it was 45 minutes of waiting in a traffic-jam so when we arrived it was 6 in the afternoon, time to have dinner. We went to a Mexican restaurant in West Seattle, and walking back I touched the Pacific Ocean. After dinner we bought some donuts (from Top Pot) to eat them as dessert. Before going to the hotel we went to watch a panoramic view of the city, it was huge and bright with all the lights of the skyscrapers and in the streets. We also went to see the view of the Olympic Mountains, but we couldn’t see the volcano because it was cloudy. In the way we found a very beautiful house in a very rich neighborhood that was on sale for 7.5 million dollars. Would you want to buy it???? hahaha. After driving through the city we went to the hotel to relax after a long day of travelling, we thought about going to the pool but it was already closed because it was 10:30 so we just went to bed.


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