sábado, 25 de julio de 2015


 Yesterday I got up and I had breakfast at home, so we went back to the
normality. I spent most of the morning writing my blog, as I had to write a lot because while we were travelling I didn’t write anything. When I finished Sandra corrected it for me to be able to post it. When we finished all it was already lunchtime so we cooked a hamburger and we ate it. In the afternoon we decided to walk in order to the library to pick up some books and films furthermore we also took the dog with us so he could walk. When we came back, dinner was already ready therefore we sat down in the table and enjoyed the meal, as Sandra was working we were only Diane, Chema and I and due to that after we had finished eating the Salmon we went to play golf despite the wind. As Diane was starting again to play golf after her injury and in order to practice we decided to go to the practice court before going to play the 8 holes. As a result of playing three instead of two people, we couldn’t finish the 8, we could only do 6. Moreover there was a couple’s tournament so we had to let them pass us as they had preference consequently; we lost a lot of sun light time. Afterwards, when we hadn’t enough light to continue playing we came back home. I actually really enjoyed the afternoon, although we couldn’t finish playing. When we arrived home, Sandra was already there so we watch a TV show and after that I started to read the book that I had picked up from the library that morning until it was bedtime. 

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