jueves, 9 de julio de 2015


Yesterday I got up early in the morning to go to STEM camp; there I spent all the morning. When I arrived, we started to prepare the activities that the children would do during the morning while they had breakfast. Before going to the class, we played some games outside and then we spent almost all morning doing fingerprints. First the teacher explained the different types of fingerprints and how we can differentiate between them. Then each child, made his fingerprints with ink. That took a lot of time, because it wasn’t as easy at it seemed to be, and if you are working with children and ink, there will be always a mess. After everything and everyone was cleaned, we had the break time. During this time, we prepared all the microscopes, and we plugged them and checked if all of them worked correctly. When the children came to the classroom, we explain them how to use a microscope, their parts and the different types (monocular and binocular), after the explanations they observed their fingerprints and decided which type were they. When everyone had finished, we did a little bit of math, because they calculated the percentage of each type of fingerprint that they have. They had completed their first camp goal, so we gave them a stamp. By this time, it was lunchtime so we stopped for a half an hour. At half past twelve, they came back to the class and the teacher started to explain the activity that we will do the next morning. Shoe patterns. Diane picked me up at 1:15 and we went to the grocery store, when we arrived home, I made a sandwich and ate it for lunch. After this we decided to go for a walk, to the river where the dog can swim, and I also could see it. It was breathtaking, I really loved the scenery. It has hot but we enjoyed the walk a lot. When we returned back home, we cooked dinner. We ate lamb with a Greek sauce. After all this long day, I watched a movie; the book thief and I went to sleep.


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